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Council have been enabled to adopt proper measures for the immediate or the future advantage of suffering Jews, and for conferring the benefits of education upon thousands of Jewish children in the East by the opening of new Schools.
During the past session the Council have devoted £1611 to the purposes of education. But this amount is far from representing the actual aid which the Anglo-Jewish Association, through its ramifications, was enabled to bestow upon numerous applicants.
The following pages give a succinct history of the remedial measures adopted on various occasions. A few instances may here be cited. The great distress which prevailed amongst the Jews in Northern Persia, in consequence of previous famine and pestilence,* was made still more terrible through the invasion of the Kurds, who killed many of the bread-winners, and carried into captivity large numbers of Jewish women and children. The entire population were thus brought to the verge of ruin. The Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association having, together with other public Bodies, received appeals to assist the starving families, resorted to private means of help. The Anglo-Jewish Association was thus brought into direct communication with Persian Jewish Congregations on whom influences have been brought to bear with the view of providing for the much-needed instruction of the young.
In April, when the Jewish settlements at Chios and Tchesme were visited by the calamitous earth-* See Ninth Annual Report, page 64.
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