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George Simon, Esq., President and Treasurer. G. Bielefeld, Esq., Vice-President. I. Fursteniiagen, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
Rev. Dr. J. Strauss. L. Goldstein, Esq.
N. Nachbae, Esq. M. Gottheil, Esq.
Bradford, April, 1881.
We have to deplore tlie loss of four esteemed members, who have been carried away by the unsparing band of death :—our worthy President, Mr. I. A. Unna, Mr. Charles Calmann, Mr. E. Ileilbut, and Mr. S. E. Sichel. Our Branch, which last year consisted of 57 members, has increased to 60.
In regard to the work of the Association, we have noticed with great satisfaction the attention which has been successfully bestowed on the development of education in the East.
We have not been indifferent to some painful facts which were witnessed during the past year, and to which we directed the attention of the Executive Committee in London. We allude to the Judenhetze in Germany. This disgraceful conspiracy of ill-natured persons reached its culminating point when the instigators presented to Prince Bismark a petition, containing nearly a quarter of a million of signatures, to the effect that the German Jews should be deprived of those rights which are due to every citizen in a civilised country. No doubt the petition would either be laid ad acta, or contemptuously thrown aside. It is a satisfaction to note that the excitement has since then abated.
We put on record our execration of the great crime which made the Emperor of Russia the. victim of assassins, and we echo the sentiment of Count Miinster, the German Ambassador in London, that no community of ideas can be entertained with such " vipers" as would poison the healthy state of
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