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Notices to the Ordinary Members and to the Honorary Officers of Branches.
1. Ladies and Gentlemen interested in the work of the Association are requested to use the accompanying canvassing paper for the purpose of entering the names of their relatives and friends as Members of this Association.
2. The Honorary Officers of Branches are requested to bear in mind that all lists of Members, the amounts of Annual Contributions, the Balance Sheets, and any Annual Reports they wish to send, should be at the Office of the Association before the end oe the month o? April.
3. All Cheques and Post Office Orders should be crossed and made payable to the Treasurer, oe the Anglo-Jewish Association.
4. Additional Reports, as also the Laws of the Anglo-Jewisli Association, may be had on applying to the Secretary.
The R,ev. A. LOWY,
160, Portsdown Eoad, London, W.
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