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ninth annual report.
of 26,504 francs 25 centimes, of which 10,700 francs came from the Alliance, 3,262 francs from the Anglo-Jewish Association^, and the rest from local resources.
Mr. Alexander Sidi and the other members of the Local Committee continue to render most efficient aid to these schools.
[By Mr. Morris Cohen, English Master at the Alliance School in Bagdad.]
To trace the history of the Jews of Bagdad from their infancy to death, is to follow them through a series of adverse and injurious conditions. The existing ignorance and superstition are natural when we consider the manner in which they have been treated, and the few advantages they possess in the way of education. Their present condition is far better now than it was some years ago; but the pernicious influence of continued persecution has not yet disappeared, while the education imparted up to the present time has been barely sufficient to counteract the notions previously instilled into their minds. Useful instruction is necessary to raise them from the low degree to which they have sunk. The truths of modern science are as startling and as curious to them as their strange fancies must appear to Europeans. We need not go far to seek the cause of this state of things ; the evil lies in the fact that with an estimated population of 80,000 Jews, Bagdad possesses only one School in which modern knowledge is imparted. To comprehend thoroughly the great benefit conferred upon the Jews of Bagdad by the establishment of the " Alliance Israelite School," it is necessary to be acquainted with the small native schools which are scattered over the Jewish quarter, and are about thirty in number. I need merely state the subjects taught at the " Alliance Israelite School,"

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