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appendix c.—m. pariente on smyrna schools.
The budget for the past year was as follows:—
Subvention from the Alliance ... ... 1,500 fr. „ „ Anglo-Jewish Associa-
■Collection made by Ladies' Committee
„ „ the " Progress" Society
.School Fees ...
I&ent ... r•. ... ... ...
Clothing (400 fcs.), Sundries (350 fcs.)
400 „
358 „ 65 cent. 2J00 „
5,714 fr. 65 cent.
4,274 fr. 65 cent.
G90„ JT50 ,,_
5,714 fr. 65 cent.
Recent examinations have proved that a most promising, progress has been made by the pupils. The girls show great taste in their work, and should they be left at school a sufficient number of years, they will constitute a nucleus of well-educated persons, whose influence would be most favourably felt in the circle of their families.
This School forms an indispensable complement to our Boys' School. It is intended for destitute lads, who otherwise would be driven to follow miserable occupations. The Trades-School was founded amidst great difficulties in July, 1878. There are 25 apprentices, of whom 8 are being trained to be bootmakers, 7 joiners, 6 coopers, 2 tinsmiths, 1 tailor, and 1 braidmaker. The three first-named trades are taught in the school building. All pupils attend evening courses four times <9^. a week, where they learn Hebrew, French, Arithmetic, and Biblical history. At the last distribution of prizes, each pupil exhibited a specimen of his handicraft. An opportunity was thus afforded to show to our co-religionists in Smyrna the great importance of this branch of instruction.
The receipts have been 7,659 70 francs. The expenses were •5,308*35 francs. The assets are working material to the value of 879 75 francs, and cash in hand 1,471 60 francs.
The foregoing Report shows that the three schools are attended by 270 pupils, of whom 108 pay for their schooling, .and 162 are gratis. The institutions have involved an expense
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