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geography, arithmetic, and book-keeping, religious instruction and literature. The pupils are divided into five classes; only those in the highest division are admitted to the study of five languages. In the lower division they only learn Hebrew and French, a polyglot system to which we have reluctantly to submit on account of local exigencies.
Although the parents,looking upon matter-of-fact advantages, do not aid us sufficiently in the higher objects which education has in view, we find our efforts rewarded through the moral and intellectual progress of our pupils. But we labour under the disadvantage that, on an average, pupils are withdrawn from school at the age of 14. Some of the children show a marvellous amount of intelligence and application. The results achieved would be of great importance if we did not encounter difficulties of various kinds.
The examinations in August last gave extreme satisfaction, as was attested by M. Pelissier de Raynaud, Consul-General of France, and several of his colleagues. The distribution of prizes produced a deep impression upon our co-religionists in Smyrna, when the civil, military, religious and consular authorities gave us their most encouraging congratulations. The moral effect of such festivals is excellent and has an elevating influence upon the Jews. After the close of the examinations, I was requested by Hamdi Pasha, Governor-General of the vilayet, to point out measures for improving the condition of the Mussulman Schools in Smyrna, and to introduce there our European method.
Personnel.—The personnel consists of a Head-master, 2 Hebrew, 2 French, and 2 Turkish Teachers, 1 English and 1 Greek Teacher. One of the pupils, whose name is Joseph Sabab, was last September admitted into the Preparatory School at Paris.
Budget.—The income and expenditure were as follows :—
Subvention of the Alliance Israelite
„ „ Anglo-Jewish Association
„ „ Smyrna Community
School Fees...............
Donation from the Society " Gemiluth Cha-
sadim" ... •............
Interest on the Argi Legacy ......
„ „ Legacy left by Halfon, of Bucharest ......
5,000 & 2,506 „ 3,054 ,, 3,567 „
368 133
50 cent. 25 „
30 ;, 80 ..
99 „ 30

14,729 fr. 15 cent.
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