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the Talmud. Children frequent these places till about 12 years of age, where so long as they are kept they remain in entire ignorance of the language of their country.
In Galatz there are perhaps as many as twenty Ghaclarim, each with about forty pupils. Also in the small towns these places flourish, for although there may be a Government School, the children of Chasidim do not attend it, because their parents object to send them on Saturdays and festivals. The necessity, then, of Jewish Schools throughout Moldavia is apparent. As long as they are wanting, the Chadarim are resorted to; and the Gheder is the perpetuator of the Chasidim.
At Galatz there are 530 pupils at the principal School. The numbers have increased rapidly lately, owing mainly to the exertions of the President, M. Samuel Pineles, and of the Director, M. Cahane. The curriculum is the same as that of the Government Schools, with the addition of Hebrew. There are eight classes. For those children whose parents cannot afford to pay no charge is made. A gabella of 25 centimes per ocka of meat pays the expenses. Large as the School is, it does not supply all the wants of the Jewish poor.
Also in other localities Jewish Schools are wanted where Chasidim could send their children to learn some useful trade. The cost of building such a School, maintaining it and providing all the working expenses for three years, would not cost less than £1,200. After that time it is likely it would be able to be self-supporting. Half of the sum required for each School might be raised in Roumania. Boarding Schools supply the wants of the wealthy.
The deplorable condition of the clergy is another great drawback to the improvement of the condition of the Chasidim. Moral influence they have none. The Rabbis have a profound acquaintance with Talmudic and Cabalistic lore, but an equally profound ignorance of everything else. They are consulted upon doubtful points of religious practice, and some are supposed to be gifted with the supernatural power of working miracles. One of the results of State recognition of Jewish Communities would be to deprive these good-for-nothing men of much of their influence.
The C'omite Israelii do Bine Facere manages all the matters relating to Education, Hospitals, and other charities. Its revenue ranges between 60,000 and 70,000 francs per annum, about 18,000 francs of which are expended for the Schools, 20,000 francs for the Hospitals, and the rest for other charities, Rabbis and Chazanim.
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