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and that the Jews will be admitted in larger proportions to the full rights of citizenship. Whatever may be the ultimate issue of the Roumanian question, the active defence of those rights has produced the significant results that the cases of ill-treatment to which the Roumanian Jews had been previously subjected are now of rare occurrence.
Equal activity on the part of the Anglo-Jewish Association in support of public rights became indispensable with regard to the Jews residing in Morocco. Amongst the constant insults and outrages which the Jews have had to endure in that country, the Council have especially to notice Isaac Amar's long imprisonment on the groundless charge of murder. His case was regarded as an indication of what the Jews would have to suffer if no protective interference were exerted in their behalf by the Consular Agents in Morocco. The sympathy and good offices of the representatives of several friendly Governments having been secured, Amar was set free after having waited for many months for an impartial trial, and during which time he had appeared to be the doomed victim of lawlessness and despotism.*
The trouble which befell Amar was only one of the many proofs of the critical position in which his Jewish fellow countrymen are placed. A rumour was circulated throughout Morocco that Spain had withdrawn her protection from the persons upon whom she had formerly conferred this privilege, and
* The excellent services of the Members of the Association -who were instrumental in effecting Amar's liberation are noticed in this Report, page 29.
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