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ninth annual eeport.
This new Fund, though started only a short time before the present Report was issued, already amounts to £595,* and there is every prospect that this sum will be liberally increased by generous donors.
Sofia, Philippopolis, and widdin.—Mr. Lionel E. Pyke, a member of this Association, in favouring the Council with a graphic account of the condition of the Jews in the former European dependencies of Turkey, pointed out that the Jewish Schools in the above cities, as well as in other important localities, had lost considerable portions of their revenue as the natural effect of the calamities of the war. Subsequent applications from those Communities themselves contained authentic details of the wants that had to be supplied, and after the Council had conferred with the sister institution at Paris, the following subventions were granted: to the Girls' School at Philippopolis, £40; to the Boys' School at Sofia, £60; and to the School at Widdin, £20.
Damascus.-—The Council have been gratified to learn that such a distinguished representative of the Ottoman Government as Midhat Pasha, Governor-General of Syria, took an ardent interest in the intellectual advancement of the Jewish Communities in that province. In February a letter, written by Midhat Pasha, was received by the Council, and contained the following important observations :—
'rI have remarked, with the greatest satisfaction, that the Israelites of Bey rout have made considerable progress in the
* See List of Donations to " Fund for Jewish Girls' Schools in the East " in the Appendix.
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