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In conclusion, Madame Fernandez quotes a beautiful saying of the late M. Cremieux :—■
" ZAg (/reader fAg 0/ o«r &AooZg, ^Ag Zggg 6g
(Ag )z«n;6gr 0/ otw poor."
In addressing herself to the Anglo-Jewish Association, her appeal was found fully to coincide with the wishes expressed in various other quarters of Eastern Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. It ivas therefore (WgrmmgcZ Zo j)roc?M-g a .FWcZ /br (Ag gMcom-a^g-
ment and the subventioning of Jewish Girls' Schools in the East. The Baroness Burdett-Coutts on becoming acquainted with these proposals, and being informed that on various occasions the J ewish Committees in the East had admitted the children of Christian and Maho-medan parents to the benefits of secular instruction, initiated the formation of the proposed Fund by the gift of £100. She requested that, amongst several other benefactors of their people, some Jewish ladies, known for their desire to help efficiently in the education of women, should be solicited to become contributors. To the initiation of this collection, the following stipulation has been attached:—In all the Schools which shall derive a grant out of this Fund, the girls shall be taught, in addition to the ordinary subjects, such plain rules for the preservation of health as shall be drawn up m accor&mcG ?o#A 2Ag opmtoms 0/ compg(g%( prq/eggw?%%Z men. This stipulation having met with universal approval, the necessary arrangements will be made for putting it into operation.
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