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ninth annual report.
therefore felt justified in setting aside an additional sum of £60 for the encouragement of Jewish pupils in Bombay. Through the kind co-operation of Sir Barrow Ellis, K.C.S.I.j the Anglo-Jewish Association has been favoured, by one of the heads of the Government Educational Department in Bombay, with a practical scheme, respecting which particulars will be furnished in the next Annual Report.
Girls' Schools ix the East.—Indefatigable efforts for the education of Jewish girls in Constantinople have been made by Madame Fernandez. * Immediately after the conclusion of the disastrous war in Turkey, Madame Fernandez took up the cause of the education of Jewish girls in Constantinople, and issued a most eloquent appeal to her sister Jewesses. She says :—
" PFg mzwf nag &&o%g fAg moZAaHy zmpz^sgg tcAz'cA fAg Awmma 6gtM^ Aae %% common ?(%'fA Zowgr crga&o'gg, mad dguofg owWugs fo fAg d&scAanyg 0/ fAg Ho6^g (fwA'gg wAzcA fAg prggg?zf fo TFg Aaug ^0 ^^gfg owr
Zougd o»gs m ^Ag rz^Af^a^A, (0 m?proug ^Ag ^gn^zc^gg 0/ fAg yo%m^, /zgrg rgprg&MOM, (Agrg g^om-a^gmm^y wg Aoug fo g«Z^A^i cA%Z(Zrg% mgo;%a 0/
fAg i^Ag (Zom^a 0/ amczg^f (faya; w;g Aowg fo
ma^g ^Agm cwZ^oafg (Ag Ao6*A; 0/ u%r(wg; %gg fo cwr& fAg cA^'g tmpw/azz;g (fgszrgg, aMtZ, o5oi;g aZZ, fo 62 (Ag Agar( o/"
fAg Jgw^sA cA&Z a Zoug if This lady, the sister of Dr. Allatini, of Salomon, is the same who, jointly with her husband, M. Solomon Fernandez, took a most active part in relieving the destitute victims of the Eusso-Turkish war. See Seventh Annual Report, p. 108.
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