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schools in the east.
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autumn, gave a complete account of the Institution placed under Ms management. It is an important feature of the Tunis School that the instruction is extended to industrial and agricultural pursuits. It has been ascertained that there is not a single Girls' School for the 40,000 Jewish inhabitants of Tunis. At present the great majority of Jewish girls are left in a complete state of ignorance. The only institution for the training of the Jewesses is that which is in the hands of persons diametrically opposed to the development of Judaism. A Girls' School, managed on unobjectionable principles, is indispensable. If the Fund for Jewish Girls' Schools in the East should receive the necessary support, the Anglo-Jewish Association will hasten to fill up this void amongst the Jewish educational establishments.
M. Gazes pointed out several desiderata the supply of which would tend to improve the intellectual condition of the Tunisian Jews, and which in due time will be attended to by the Council of this Association, if the finances at their disposal should permit more liberal outlays. From the Report in Appendix E, it will be seen that the Tunis School is attended by 833 boys, and that the expenses amount to 79,200 francs. A grant of £120 was voted by the Council in support of this School.
Exhibitions to Deserving Pupils.—The difficulties which have hitherto attended the application of the liberal grants made by the Manchester Branch to the most deserving pupils in Bombay and Bagdad are in a fair way of being surmounted. The Council have
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