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ninth annual report.
and the sacredness of these objects, the Council appeal to every friend and supporter of the Anglo-Jewish Association to aid freely and liberally in improving the wretched condition of the Jews in that country— a condition which can best be remedied by a judicious development of educational and industrial establishments. Some important particulars relating to the proposed Jewish Schools in Jerusalem will be found in this Report, in the Section headed " Alliance Israelite Universelle," pages 47—50.
Bagdad.—It having long been felt that an English teacher of superior qualifications would be a great acquisition for that important city, Mr. Morris Cohen was, on the recommendation of the Rev. A. Lowy, selected last July by the Alliance Israelite to fill this post.
Mr. Cohen, who had a thorough training as teacher at the Jews' Eree School, in London, has fully realised the expectations and the trust of this Council. By skilful and conscientious management he has infused a spirit of emulation into the pupils placed under his his charge. The subjects of instruction appear greatly to interest the pupils, who are known to have a remarkable aptitude for languages. In one of his
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