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agrees on the necessity for founding-
irreproachable religious conduct. One of our honourable correspondents wishes that we should commence only with a Boys' School, and not open a Girls' School until a later period; another advises the preliminary establishment of an Infant School, where mothers would more willingly send their children, and where they would be prepared for further schooling; a third member demands the addition, pure and simple, of a house of learning to the Agricultural School at Jaffa,in accordance with the programme of the Conference held in August, 1878. To sum up, every opinion Schools in Jerusalem.
" We asked on what resources we could reckon in order to found these institutions, and how these resources would be procured and developed. The members who have replied to us on this point are of opinion that it behoves the Alliance to found these Schools and to maintain them, and that the necessary resources should be applied for by appeal to persons, societies, and communities who feel an interest in the Jews of Palestine. Eo other practical means have been proposed. The Central Committee believe that it is impossible at the present moment to touch the question of the Chalukah, or to take any measures which would have the appearance of foreign interference in the mode of distributing the ordinary gifts.
" Consequently, it has just published in its Bulletin an appeal of which we have the honour of sending you, here annexed, a copy. At the very moment when it was being published, Mr. Samuel Montagu of London, a member of the International Palestine Committee, made to us an interesting communication, according to which this gentleman would probably be able, with the assistance of others, to provide the means for the construction of a School-house for the boys of Jerusalem. This would be a powerful encouragement for us.
" The Central Committee hope that their appeal will be favourably responded to. If the members of the Palestine Committee are willing to receive subscriptions, the Central Committee will be glad to announce them in their monthly Bulletin. They are also prepared to send for distribution copies of the appeal, and furnish all the information which can contribute to second their good action.
" Awaiting your reply, we beg you, sir, to receive the assurance of our high consideration.
" For the Central Committee,

" The Secretary, Isidore Loeb.
The President, Ad. Cr£mietjx/
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