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Since August 1878, when the International Jewish Conference was held in Paris, and the various Educational and Communal Jewish questions were discussed,* the Anglo-Jewish Association was in constant consultation with the Alliance Israelite and kindred institutions in Germany, Austria and America, to find a satisfactory mode of dealing with the complicated subjects concerning the Jewish population in Palestine. In addition, the Council were urged by influential Branches in the Australian Colonies to take into serious consideration the objectionable methods employed by messengers from the East to y make collections—now for alleged educational purposes, now under the plea of ameliorating the social condition of co-religionists in the Holy Land.f The agreement of opinion between this Association and the Alliance found its expression in the following circular, issued by the Alliance on the 15th of January, 1880 :—
K- All the communications addressed to the Central
Committee by the members of the International Committee in reply to the circular of the 6th November, 1879, are unanimous with regard to the necessity for founding, as soon as possible, at Jerusalem, efficient Schools for boys and girls, , where the instruction will naturally be confided to teachers of
'* See Eighth Annual Report, page 25.
f The communications from Melbourne and Otago are reproduced in the Appendix to this Report. The correspondence from the Ballarat Branch coincided with the complaints made by the other Colonial Branches.
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