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A continuous correspondence has been carried on during the past year with the Alliance Israelite in Paris, as appears in the present report. This interchange of communications affords additional evidence of the great advantage of harmonious action in the philanthropic work of the Jewish Community. But there is one subject in the correspondence of the past year which stands in mournful isolation, and to which reference has to be made with the deepest regret. Adolplie Cremieux, the venerated President of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, active in the Jewish cause from his early days until the completion of his 84 years, died on the 10th of February, 1880, having ten days previously lost his loved wife. The Rev. A. Lowy, as Member of the Council and Secretary of the Association, was requested to accept an invitation of the Alliance to attend the funeral of the late M. Cremieux.
A letter expressing the sentiments of the Members of the Anglo-Jewish Association at this great Communal loss was addressed to the Central Committee of the Alliance in the following terms :—
26tli February, 1880.
In the discharge of the saddest of mournful duties, I have to convey, for myself and for every member of the Anglo-Jewish Association, to you and to the entire body of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, words dictated by heartfelt sympathy on the death of our Adolphe Cremieux. Taken away
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