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them, and tney were legally entitled to do so. The number of those Jews is and must be small: in any case, this is no persecution d la Roumanie."
Irrespectively of the facts here mentioned the Council have been informed that expulsions of Jews have taken place in other parts of Russia, under circumstances on which the foregoing statements have no bearing.
Last April the Association received a telegram, followed by a letter, stating that a Jew named Rahamim Eidan had been killed by a Mussulman, who denied his guilt, although four persons were witnesses of the act. Several crimes of a similar nature having previously been committed with impunity, the local Alliance Committee applied for protection to the Governor -General, Izzet Pasha, as also to the Consuls of England, France, Italy, and Austria. But as the Governor behaved in a very apathetic manner, the Jews of Tripoli became greatly alarmed, and requested that representations should be made in proper quarters—a request with which the Council complied. Information as to the result of the investigations has not yet been received by the Council.
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