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cities—where, however, all political rights are conceded to the Jews—has not yet been repealed, and presents a most objectionable inconsistency, which should be removed as early as possible.
In those districts which have been recently annexed to Servia, and from whence the Maliomedans have emigrated in large numbers, the Jewish residents have been greatly reduced in their chances of earning a livelihood. With respect to these subjects further inquiries have to be made, and the adoption of such measures will be recommended on the part of the Association as may meet the exigencies of the case.

The harsh treatment which the Jews suffered from officials in Widdin and other towns of Bulgaria was reported to the Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, who drew public attention to the distressed condition of the Bulgarian Jews. But as the newly constituted Government of Bulgaria seemed willing to give every guarantee for maintaining the emancipation accorded to the J ews by the Berlin Treaty, the Council felt that the most appropriate mode of aiding the Jews in the new Principality would be the establishment of Schools, and the granting of such assistance to the advancement of education as from time to time might be required.
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