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perfectly indefensible, and I think that that has been admitted by the Deputation. The question is how far they are of practical use. The three gentlemen who have spoken have described them as very useful to the remainder of the Jews. The fact is that out of the 300,000 Jews of Morocco, there is a very small number indeed who have these privileges. I thought it was larger ; I thought it was 1,500, but no doubt you are better informed, and it is, as you say, only 103. But it is said that the fact of this very small percentage being privileged exercises a beneficial influence over the treatment of the remainder. Wow that Sir John Drummond Hay, who speaks with immense authority on that point, utterly contradicts. It appears that there are great abuses connected with these irregular privileges; they are bought and sold and got by fraud, and exercised most unjustly, and this practice does excite such a feeling of animosity against the Jews there that it injuriously affects the position of the great bulk of the people. The instructions have gone out and they are in accordance with what has been the opinion for some time of the Foreign Office. All I can say is that we can fairly deal with this ; we cannot undertake in any way whatever to reverse the. instructions or to say that the meeting shall be one for the extension of these privileges instead of for the consideration of the irregularities connected with them. But Sir Charles Dilke and I will pay particular attention to that immediately on the conclusion of the meeting. We shall ourselves profit very much by what has been said to-day, which will guide us in using the whole influence of this country in getting protection against the insults and cruelty which have been described."
The assurances contained in the concluding statement of Earl Granville entitle the Anglo-Jewish Association to hope that Her Majesty's Government will not lose an opportunity of procuring for the Jewish population in the Moorish dominions those concessions of rights and privileges which have been pointed out in the foregoing memorial. The proceedings of the Association have been communicated to M. Charles Netter, and M. Veneziani, who, on the part of the Alliance Israelite, attended at Madrid to watch the deliberations of the Conference.
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