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the system itself. The question is whether it is a necessary and a right thing to afford protection. The British, the French, and the Spanish Governments have, by their various treaties with Morocco, shown that they think it is a right thing to afford protection. So have we. The salutary influence of protection appears in the seaports especially, and I think no Government should withdraw its protection on account of the abuse to which it was liable, or made subject to by foreign agents. We say, correct the abuse, but do not abolish protection. We ask that an instruction might be sent to the representatives at the Congress to continue consular protection, and, if possible, to extend it. In this, fortunately, the cause of humanity is coincident with the cause of commerce. It is a notorious fact that all the commerce of the seaports of Morocco and the country generally is in the hands of the Jews ; and the returns show that the Jews are the most intelligent, most industrious, and certainly not the least useful of the Moorish population. The Jews there are also a great civilising power ; their social life, their culture and their religion, make them so and if consular protection be withdrawn, they will be left entirely at the mercy of the ignorant, fanatic, and barbarous Moors. Again, they need not be exempted from payment of taxes. The ^ revenue of the country would be protected by proper provisions. We ask your Lordship, we ask Iler Majesty s Government, to consider the necessity and importance of retaining, at least, and, if possible, of extending this protection to Moorish Jewish subjects and to non-Mahomedans generally in Morocco. We ask, as regards the Jews, that this should be done, and we say it would be best done by treaty; and we have ventured, in the memorial which has been sent to your Lordship, to point out how the provisions of the treaty might be enforced. One provision should be by placing all non-Mahomedans on a footing of equality before the law. With regard to the Jews, they might have a special court for the trial of their cases, and overseers appointed by themselves to intervene between them and the Government, with the Consul to assist them. There are 300,000 Jews in Morocco. There are 500 or 600 non-Mahomedans under protection ; but the whole number of J ews under protection is only 103; yet such is the moral effect of even that small extent of protection, that in the seaports, while the Jews are free from molestation or injury, since it has been supposed that protection is to be withdrawn they have already begun to experience the hostility of the Mahomedan population."

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