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dungeon, tormented and fined. This year a Jew was stabbed and killed by a Mabomedan debtor because be threatened to bring him before a court of justice. Although the case was tried by the local tribunal, the widow received no redress, because Mahomedan witnesses refused their testimony in her favour.' The writer concludes: ' We entreat you not to abandon us whilst the fury of irresponsible men threatens our homes and our lives.' The Christians of Morocco are not subject to this condition of things, not because there is no feeling against them, but because, as I believe, the Christians resident there belong in the main to European States, and in case of outrage they can appeal to their Consul or other representative of those States. But the case of the Moorish Jew is different. The Moorish Jew has no country but the country in which he lives and in which be was born; and there justice is denied him; he has no court to which he can appeal. The native courts disregard him; and if he is to be secure at all, he has to apply to some external power. Here is an instance of insecurity and oppression. There exists a custom in the country compelling-Jewish women to make clothes for the army when required by the Government. One Jewish woman in a district when requisitioned refused to work, and she was flogged. In Morocco the use of the bastinado is a common practice. An English traveller in Morocco, in a work which I recently read, stated that on one occasion he saw a number of beautiful Jewish women, splendidly dressed, and observing that they were barefooted, he enquired why it was that they went without the customary slipper ? The answer he received was, ' Oh, it is no good to wear slippers ; when we go out we must take them off at every mosque or sacred place we pass, and they are so numerous that it is 110 use covering the feet at all.' Another incident told by the same writer is that in the country districts the inhabitants strew the roads with broken glass, and men and boys stand by enjoying the tortures of those who walk over it. To such treatment are the poor, unprotected Jews exposed. We do not ask Her Majesty's Government to give the Jews of Morocco any immunity, but we do say that Great Britain has treaty rights, and we do ask the British Government not to abandon the Jews of Morocco to the fury of a barbarous population. With regard to the abuses to which it is said this system of privilege is open, I am aware that it is stated that the right to protection is bought and sold by consular representatives, and that those who enjoy â– consular protection have an immunity from taxation. This may be so, but it is only the abuse of the system, and not
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