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The Jews would be the constant objects of attack. It is so now in the interior. Something has given rise to the impression that the Congress now sitting is about to withdraw protection from them. Your Lordship is aware of one case where a man was set upon by a mob at Fez in a street riot. He was a respectable old man, looking on, and he was turned upon and they threw petroleum over him and burned him alive. This is not" an isolated case. I am told that in one of the towns of Morocco there are at this time no less than thirty orphan children whose fathers have been murdered by the infuriated and fanatical population. Nothing but consular protection can secure life, limb, or property. According to Mahomedan law, a Jew cannot be a witness in a court of justice. He can be attacked, and insulted, and abused with impunity. The most venerable, the most prominent and respectable member of the community, if walking in the streets, can be insulted and attacked by mere children, and without being able to raise against them his voice, or his hand in self-defence, for if he did, he would be liable to have a mob turned upon him and immediately be put in prison without trial, and subjected to the bastinado. That is what he would be subjected to now but for the consular protection which I am referring to. In 1864 Sir Moses Montefiore visited Morocco, and brought the case of the Jews and other non-Mahomedans before the Sultan. After that a firman was issued, placing non-Mahomedans on an equal footing with Mahomed an s. The present Sultan confirmed that firman. Yet it has since been practically a dead letter, because he has been too weak to prevent an abuse of power, or to restrain the acts of rapacious or fanatical government officials. I will read an extract from a letter received from the interior, in which the writer states what would be the actual condition of things if protection were withdrawn. He says : ' We are now exposed to greater danger, because a report has been spread that the European Consuls will cease to afford us protection. Formerly they granted to a respectable person, exposed to ill-treatment, a document called Chamia. This was a warrant whereby the oppressed escapes from the oppressor. This benefit will now be withdrawn. Here there are no Foreign Consuls. We are therefore treated with contempt, flogged, and cruelly tormented. A Mahomedan may publicly seize and strike a Jew, may employ every kind of abusive language, and afterwards produce false witnesses, who attest that it was the Jew who was the aggressor, and that he had insulted or cursed the Mahomedan. In such a case the Jew is relentlessly flogged. He is dragged to the
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