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the dominions of the Moorish Sultan ; but it was felt that a mere reiteration of those statements could never prevent a repetition of notorious outrages. It was therefore determined by the Council, jointly with the Board of Deputies, to appeal to Her Majesty's Government that the state of the Jews in Morocco should be taken into consideration at the Conference which in the month of May was to be held at Madrid, when the question of Consular protection in Morocco would be discussed by the representatives of Foreign Powers. The opinions formed on this subject and the remedial measures that were to be proposed were stated in a memorial which was presented to Her Majesty's Minister for Foreign Affairs, by a Deputation of the Anglo-Jewish Association and of the Board of Deputies, who waited on his Lordship on the 18th of May. In the unavoidable absence of the President of the Association, Mr. Serjeant Simon, M.P., was requested to introduce the representatives of the two bodies, he being accompanied by Mr. Joseph Mayer Montefiore. The memorial was as follows :—
" To the Eight Honorable Earl Granville. K.G-., IT.M.
Principal Secretary of State eor Foreign Affairs.
My Lord,
We, the Presidents of the London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews and of the Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, have learnt that it is proposed to limit to a very material extent the Consular protection hitherto accorded to inhabitants of Morocco who are engaged in trade and commerce, and that this proposal will shortly be submitted at Madrid to a Conference of the Powers.
The apprehension that the deliberations of the Conference may possibly lead to an abrogation of the privilege of giving
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