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Sultan. This news was soon corroborated by letters from Morocco and Gibraltar, including one from Isaac Amar himself, who expressed his profound gratitude to his deliverers.
The Council have to put on record their cordial and unqualified appreciation of the inestimable services rendered in this case, as in many previous cases, by the following gentlemen: by Mr. L. A. Cohen (who has promised to continue in Morocco his labours as the authorised Agent of this Association) ; by Mr. R. Benzecry, the Hon. Secretary of the Gibraltar Branch ; by Messrs. Samuel M. Bensusan, Solomon Levy, and Joseph Pariente, of Gibraltar; by Rabbi Joseph de A. Elmaleh of Mogador; by Mr. William Seligman of Paris, and by several other influential friends of this Association.
Encouragement of Vaccination.—For several years the Council of the Association had been urged to direct public attention to the necessity of improving the sanitary condition of the Jewish quarters in several towns of Morocco, and chief of all to render assistance in preventing the spread of certain periodical epidemics. Amongst the latter was mentioned the visitation of small-pox at various intervals.*
In 1878 the Council appointed a Committee to inquire into this subject, and they had the benefit of the co-operation and advice of the late Dr. Arthur Leared, together with the information supplied by Rabbi Joseph Elmaleh, of Mogador. On the basis
* See Fifth Annual Report (1876), pages 58-61.
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