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the help of Mr. Benzecry, Mr. Cohen kept up during many months a constant correspondence with this Association.
During the whole of this time the kinsmen of the deceased Moor, and some of the Moorish authorities apparently in collusion with them, did their utmost to extort hush-money, and by every species of evasion and subtlety to weary the patience and vigilance of Amar's defenders. It was feared by all who were acquainted with the misrule in Morocco that if Amar should fail the victim of this prosecution, other respectable Jews would also be assailed by false accusations. The Association had therefore an additional motive for the vigorous defence of Amar.
Representations were made by Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., the President of the Association, to the Marquis de Casa Laiglesia, Spanish Minister in London, and at the same time the co-operation of the Alliance was secured. Messrs. de Rothschild, with their usual unostentatious sympathy, gave their aid in bringing the case to the direct knowledge of the Spanish Government at Madrid. Several other Foreign Governments were likewise made acquainted with the impending trial of Amar. An appeal at the same time made by the President of the Association to Sir John Drummond Hay elicited a reassuring reply. Thanks due to Sir John were accordingly conveyed to him on the part of the Association.
On the 19th of February a telegram was received from the Gibraltar Branch announcing the unconditional release of Amar by order of the Moorish
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