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in the Chamber of Deputies by 133 votes against 9. Two members present abstained from voting.
As this compromise did not settle the substantial rights which the Anglo-Jewish Association had sought to obtain for the Jews in the Roumanian Principality, the Council determined jointly with the Delegates of the Board of Deputies to make a representation to Her Majesty's Government, pointing out that the future position of the Jews would not be materially improved if Her Majesty's Government were to acquiesce in the proposed modification of Article 7 in the Roumanian Constitution.
The following memorial, remonstrating against the rules adopted by the Roumanian Legislature, was therefore forwarded to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs:—
lltli November, 1879.
" My Lord,
"W e respectfully beg leave to direct your attention to the present aspect of the J ewish Question in Roumania. After the reply that your Lordship was pleased to make to the Deputation which had the honour to wait upon you on the 25th of July last, we fully believed that the Roumanian Government would have conceded complete emancipation to the J ews in Roumania, in accordance with the 44th Clause of the Treaty of Berlin of 1878, and with the expressed views of the Governments of the Great Powers. Such expectation has. however, not been fulfilled, and we venture again most respectfully to urge on your Lordship the claims of the Jews in Roumania to complete emancipation, and to point out to your Lordship the totally inadequate character of the naturalisation which the Roumanian Government have offered to the Jews.
Under the recent law passed by the Roumanian Legislators, emancipation is not conceded as a right; it has, except in a few insignificant instances, to be prayed for by petition as a peculiar privilege, which may or may not be granted. This is

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