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The persons to whom this declaration of the Council was telegraphed appeared to be cognisant of the intentions of the Roumanian Legislature.
On the 18th of October the Chambers passed the following vote for the revision of the Roumanian Constitution :—•
" Article 7.—The differences of religious belief or confession constitute no impediment in Roumania against obtaining and exercising civil and political rights.
' 1. Foreigners, without
religious belief, may obtain the
distinction of
whether subjects of foreign States or not.
rights of citizenship in Roumania upon the following conditions Every foreigner, in making application for naturalisation, must state the amount of capital he possesses, the profession or trade he follows, and that he intends to reside in Roumania. The applicant must reside in the country ten years from the date of his petition, and must prove by his conduct that he has been a useful citizen in his adopted country.
" 2. The following classes are excused from the ten years' residence clause above-mentioned:—(a) All those who have through useful inventions or extraordinary talents established considerable commercial or industrial enterprises in the principality ; (b) those who have been born of and brought up in the country by parents residing in Eoumania and who have never enjoyed any foreign protection ; (c) those who served under the Roumanian standard in the recent war of independence. All these, a, b, and c, may be naturalised en bloc upon a Government proposal to that effect by a simple vote of the Chambers and without any other formalities.
" 3. Naturalisation in general can only be obtained by special enactment and upon individual application.
"4. A special law will be drawn up specifying the legal manner of establishing a domicile in the sense required by this project.
"5. Only Roumanians or naturalised Roumanians can purchase rural property in this Principality, the laws hitherto in force will be respected, and existing international treaties remain in force with the prescribed limitations."
The above project, previously agreed upon between a Liberal and Conservative joint committee, was passed
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