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resolution, which, was made widely known through the daily press:—
" The Council having heard statements concerning the present state of the Jewish Question in Roumania, and especially the statement that it had been reported that the Alliances in Paris and in England have issued an order directing the Jews in Roumania to refuse the compromise offered by the Roumanian Government, take this opportunity of denying that the Anglo-Jewish Association has hitherto offered any advice to-Roumanian Jews on the subject of such compromise, but they now record the hope that the few Jews intended to be emancipated will refuse the concession proposed to be granted to them, and that the Jews in Roumania will continue to claim their rights to full citizenship under Article 44 of the Berlin Treaty, and decline to accept any compromise denying them such rights."
At the time when this resolution was published the Council received a telegraphic despatch inquiring whether they would advise that Jewisli persons residing in Roumania should desist from claiming emancipation as a general right, and whether any of those who thought proper to apply individually should seek to obtain their enfranchisement as a special and personal privilege. To this inquiry the following reply was returned on the part of the Council :—
u The Anglo-Jewish Association cannot agree to any compromise as suggested in your telegram, nor should the concessions which were secured by the Berlin Congress under any circumstances be renounced."
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