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Soon after the arrival of the news that the Prince Imperial had been killed in South Africa, the Council presented an address of condolence to the Empress Eugenie, and assured Her Majesty that the Jews gratefully remembered the great acts of the Napoleonic dynasty, whereby the remnants of religious intolerance had been removed, first in France, and then in other countries which followed her magnanimous example. In a reply received from the Empress she was pleased to express her appreciation of the sentiments conveyed on the part of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
In the past year the Council had to deplore the untimely death of their co-member, Mr. Leonard A. Montefiore, who, though young in years, had by his eminent abilities gained for himself a distinguished reputation.
Two munificent contributions have been presented to this Association in memory of departed friends. Baroness Lionel de Rothschild, who has always been one of the most liberal supporters of this Institution, presented a gift of £100 in honour of the memory of her husband. A similar sum has been generously given to the funds of the Association by the relatives of the late Mr. Lionel Lawson.
Conforming to a desire of several members attempts have been made to find a suitable house in a central part of the metropolis for the Offices of the Associa-
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