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We are strongly of opinion that the Parent Body and its Branches at home and abroad should invite subscriptions from Christian friends, as we feel convinced that nothing could tend so much to put an end to systematic cruelty and persecution than if it were shown to those who practise it that Jew and Christian go hand in hand, at least in England and the British Colonies, in sucb a good cause as that of endeavouring to prevent all persecution.
We cannot conclude this Report without expressing our sincere regret at the resignation of our respected President, Mr. Leopold Zossenheim, more especially as it is caused by his recent severe bereavement.
Abm. Cohen, Vice-President.
Henry Worms, Honorary Secretary.
Copy of a letter addressed to the Right Hon. Mr. Justice Lush, by the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, on the occasion of his becoming an Honorary Member :—■
Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association,
October 27ih, 1879.
To the Eight Hon. Mr. Justice Lush.
My Lord,
We, the undersigned Honorary Officers of the above Branch, for ourselves and for the members whom we represent, most respectfully take leave to express to your Lordship our high appreciation of the great honour you have conferred upon us by becoming an Annual Subscriber to our Branch.
We feel convinced that the step taken by your Lordship will result in material benefit to the Association at large.
With heartfelt wishes for your Lordship's long life, health, and happiness,
We have the honour to remain,
My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient humble Servants,
A. Cohen, Vice-President.
Jacob Sloman, Treasurer.
Henry Worms, Honorary Secretary.
Copy of resolution forwarded, with the above letter :—
At a Council Meeting of the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, held on the 27th October, 1879, it was proposed by
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