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first anniversary meeting, which was to be held on the 10th of September, the Committee of the Edinburgh Branch arranged with him that he should previously address a meeting of their Congregation. He accordingly visited Edinburgh on the 7th of September. The results of the two visits were highly satisfactory in every point of view.
On the 22nd of February Mr. Alfred G. Henriques, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and the Rev. A. Lowy, Secretary of the Association, attended by special request the annual meeting of the Birmingham Branch. At the meeting, which was unanimous in its approval of the work done in the year, it was suggested that opportunities should be given to the provincial Branches for taking a more direct part in some of the topics that come under the discussion of the Parent Body. This suggestion received the sanction of the Council, and it was determined that in future the Branches should be asked to send reports upon such subjects as were under discussion in the Executive Committee.
The following tables show the amount of income which the Anglo-Jewish Association has during the past year derived from its Branches and Agencies :—
tear when formed. Branch. number op members. Contribution.
£ S. d.
1872 Ballarat ... ... ... ... ... 50 15 0 0
1872 Birmingham ............ 207 70 0 0
1877 Bradford............... 57 23 16 6
1877 Bristol ............... 43 19 8 0
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