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J. A. Unna, Esq., President.
George Simon, Esq., Vice-President and Treasurer. Rev. Dr. J. Strauss, Hon. Secretary.
J. Furstenhagen, Esq. M. Furstenheim, Esq.
L. Goldstein, Esq., M. Gottheil, Esq.
The Committee of the Bradford Branch are happy to report that, notwithstanding the removal of some contributors, they have had an accession of new members, there being at present fifty-five annual contributors and two donors.
An important correspondence took place between this Branch and the Parent Body, especial attention having been given by this Branch to the treatment and the protection of the Jews in Morocco. As soon as it became known that the question of the protectorate of Jews and other non-Mahomedans in Morocco would be discussed at Madrid by representatives of the foreign Governments (with the exception of Russia, Greece, and Brazil), the Anglo-Jewish Association took steps with the view of 'acquainting jjHer Majesty's Government of the claims of the Jews who are in need of protection, or who are exposed to the ill-treatment of the authorities and the fanatical population in Morocco.
The Hon. Secretary of this Committee received in due time a copy of the documents submitted to the Foreign Office ; consultations also took place between this Committee, other Branches, and the Parent Body of the Association, with reference to the question of a memorial emanating from Bradford, for the purpose of being presented to the Foreign Office, and it was deemed advisable to desist from such a measure.
With regard to Roumania, this Branch was informed that the Great Powers have acknowledged the independence of that principality, notwithstanding the incomplete fulfilment of Clause 44 in the Treaty of Berlin. Roumania having restricted the emancipation of Jews to individual applications, it appears that hitherto there have only been enfranchised 1,060 Jewish persons. The attention of the Committee was also directed to the gross intolerance displayed in some parts of Germany—an intolerance
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