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The statements of the several Branches and Agencies as appended to this Report show how efficiently the representatives and members of leading Communities in the Provinces, the Colonies, and in India, co-operate with the Parent Body in London in the various objects to which the Anglo-Jewish Association directs its labours. A proposal full of promise for the successful extension of the Anglo-Jewish Association has been made by the representatives of the Melbourne Branch, it having been suggested to hold an Intercolonial Jewish Conference during the period of the Exhibition in Melbourne, when measures will be concerted for giving a solid and permanent footing to this Association amongst the Jewish Colonists.
In the synoptical tables appended to this section, only those Branches and Agencies have been enumerated whose contributions have been received up to the time when these pages were sent to the press.
It will be observed that two new Branches have been added to the former number. On Sunday the 23rd of November, amidst a large concourse of congregational members and numerous visitors from London, a Branch was inaugurated at Brighton by Baron Henry de Worms, who was supported by Sir Benjamin Phillips, and by many members of the Council of the Association. The results of the meeting were extremely satisfactory, and justified the expectation that the
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