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there were 867, on the 30th of June, 886, on 31st December, 842. At present (in April, 1880) 833 attend. A new set of 100 pupils had just been inscribed when this report was being despatched. From the 31st of March, 1879, to 31st of March, 1880, 452 new pupils had been admitted, and 669 had left. Out of the latter number 132 had removed to the interior or to Algeria. 310 on leaving school took to various employments, and 37 died.
The health of the pupils has much improved. Originally 22 per cent, were on the sick list (196 out of 875 poor boys); at present this proportion has been reduced to 8J per cent. (68 out of 833 boys). The sick children are provided with medicines and nourishment by the School Committee.
Every child, according to age, receives at midday a slice of bread (from 150 to 300 grammes) and a basin of soup. On some days meat (from 30 to 60 grammes) is added. The soup is prepared out of olive-oil, and contains some vegetable additions, such as beans, peas, etc. Sometimes they get pastry or rice, and then the allowances of bread are lessened.
The apprentices and some orphans receive, besides, a piece of bread for their supper. A few boys receive also bread in the morning. Together with the staff of the Establishment, board is given to 15 lads who formerly were taught at the " Talmud Torah," and now read the Talmud in the Jeshiboth (Talmudical Colleges) of Tunis.
We have supplied during the year 1879 the following articles :—Cloth jackets, trousers, and caps, shoes, shirts, waistcoats, fez, talethim, tephilin. A portion of similar gifts was allotted before the festival of Passover.
F.—Budget. The Expenses during the year 1879 amounted to The Receipts were...
Leaving a deficit of
70,079 fr. 66,370 „
4,309 &.
The estimated Budget for 1880 is as follows:—
Expenses .......... 79,200 fr.
Receipts ......... 73,700 „
Leaving a deficit of...... 5,500 fr.
This will be mainly covered by an additional subvention which has been promised by the Alliance Israelite.
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