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ville the assurance that its representations would guide the Foreign Office in using the whole influence of this country for protecting the Jews in Morocco from the insults and the injustice of which they had to complain.
Whilst striving to improve the political condition of the Jews settled in the Moorish Empire, the Council have endeavoured to assist them in the adoption of precautionary measures for checking the dangers of one of the most insidious of epidemics. In accordance with a scheme propounded by the Association in a former year, the Council are promoting the introduction of vaccination amongst the Jews in various cities of Morocco, for it is well known that, hitherto, smallpox has during its periodical visitations carried off many hundreds of Jewish children.
Wide as is the area for ameliorating the political and social condition of suffering Jews, there is a still far wider area for effecting the greatest of Communal benefits—the extension of Jewish Education. The Council have, therefore, been especially mindful of the duty to render the Anglo-Jewish Association an efficient coadjutor to the Alliance Israelite. Amongst twenty-one localities at present claiming substantial aid from the Alliance, nine have received additional subventions from the Anglo-Jewish Association. The votes which the Council passed under this head amounted to £658.*
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* A statement of the support given by pecuniary grants, and by encouragements of various lands, will be found under the heading of " Schools in the East," pages 54—63.
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