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" It would be advisable to extend a useful supervision to the schools in smaller towns in Turkey, which, being less encumbered than the establishments in the three principal cities, would cause less trouble and expenditure. It would be a work of urgent and well applied charity to render the Jewish schools of Salonica, Constantinople, and Smyrna, three model institutions.
" It should be borne in mind that in order to obviate in part the difficulty of finding masters in Western Europe suitable for the East, and to add the advantage of identity of customs, the Comite Central of the Alliance in Paris has periodically sent to Paris a certain number of the best pupils from the oriental schools of the Alliance in order to complete their education. These young men return to Turkey and apply themselves to teaching, and some of them fulfil their functions fairly well.
" The statements I make above are dictated by my lively desire to see some well considered and effective measures adopted towards the civilisation of the Jews in the East. At the same time, I seize this opportunity to dwell more particularly on the special case of Salonica, the claims of which I have discussed elsewh ere...................
" It may be assumed that, with schools well and suitably established in the three principal cities of Turkey, a considerable claim to the gratitude of Eastern Jews would be acquired. They would probably demonstrate their thankfulness by sending their children regularly to the new schools, whilst until recently they were obliged to remain mortified spectators of the numerous institutions founded by the Greeks of the West, on behalf of their brethren in the East.
"The re-generation of Levantine Jews, already assured through the numerous small schools opened in various spots, and munificently aided by the interest of the sum of one million francs given by the Baron de Hirsch, would be finally accomplished through the threefold help of the Anglo-Jewish Association, the Alliance Israelite TJniverselle of Paris and that of Vienna."*..................
* In reference to the foregoing abstract, the Rev. M. N. Nathan has made several valuable suggestions, which will in due time receive full consideration.
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