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source of income to defray our expenses for public charity. For it was enacted by our predecessors as a rule for themselves and their posterity, that a tax should be levied on each head of cattle which is slaughtered: viz., that the skin and the tallow should be appropriated by a Special Board, and be disposed of for the support of the sick, and of women in confinement, for keeping in repair the public baths and the burying ground, and for the relief of persons who spend their time in studying at the Beth Harnedrash. We entreat you, therefore, to devise means whereby our brother Jews may be placed in a better position.
" We subscribe ourselves,
(Signed) Abraham Benzalach, Shelomo ben Joseph Karah, Joseph ben David Manzali, Yichyah ben Joseph Kakah."
Extract from a letter addressed by Mr. M. Brasch, of London, to the Secretary of the Association.
On Board the "Mirzapore," 19ZA, 1875.
Mr.-gave me the
following information
There are houses in the J ewish quarters suitable for a school. Expenses for rent and keeping the house in order would be about £60 per annum. The average expenses for a European teacher with a wife and family, would be—rent £40, two servants £24, housekeeping ,£136—say in all £200 per annum. Part of the house might be made available for a school. The expenses for an unmarried teacher for board and residence would be about £100 per annum; but here the difficulty arises that no European would accommodate himself to the style of living with any of the Jews at Aden.
Ihere are Government schools where about eight Jewish boys are sent; there is room for all who wish to be instructed, but unfortunately the Jewish parents prefer their boys to hawk about in the street, a disgrace to the community, and an eyesore to Europeans landing at Aden.
ihe Jewish lads are molested by the black Arabs or Somalis
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