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Sanaa, 28th of 2nd Ailar, 5635 of the Creation, 2186 of the Minyan Sheta-roth, (i.e. Seleucidan era) corresponding with 4th April, 1875.
" We the undersigned, Dayanim of Sanaa and its dependencies and all the cities of Yemen, send you our respectful and prayerful greetings.
" By our present memorial we can but feebly convey to you the assurance that in this country we hold an unstable and precarious position, and bave during many years been subject to every manifestation of disregard and intolerance. We sent our messengers from city to city, and from land to land, imploring relief, but they failing in strength, were unable to accomplish their errand.
"Since this country has been subjected to His Imperial Majesty Sultan Abdul Aziz, the hope of better days has dawned upon the Jews, and many of our dispersed and fugitive people have turned back to their homes. Although the hardship of poverty clings to the destitute, it is a satisfaction that the poor may now live in their homes free from the daily terrors of death.
"Since the subjection of the population, which took place at Passover time of 5632, the various tribes have given in their submission, but they have not abandoned their aversion and malignant hatred to the Jews, if they find them enjoying a certain amount of liberty. False accusations against us were brought before His Highness the Govenor Achmad Muchdar and his chief officers. The slander has not failed in injuring our community, especially as there were found a few Jews who led a depraved and immoral life. Encroachments have moreover been made upon our jurisdiction by malignant and interested persons. This misconduct is aggravated by the fanaticism and cruelty of the native Arabs.
" On the Sabbath just past, the 27th of this month, we received your valued letter, which was forwarded via Aden by Mr. Alfred Falk. We send our sincere thanks to him, to Baron Henry de Worms, the President of your Association, to His Excellency Musurus Pasha, and to the distinguished statesman, Earl Granville. You have near you, the worthy traveller, Joseph Halevy, who in visiting Yemen witnessed our sufferings. He will be able to bear out the expression of our sorrow on account of our unfortunate condition.
" Owing to the losses we have sustained, our communal
resources have been greatly diminished. We have only one
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