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in the building of houses, and in similar employments. We have often, and always in vain, urged the members of our congregation to let their children learn secular subjects. We have here no teachers capable of giving methodical instruction in secular matters. The consequence is that our fellow Jews do not enjoy any consideration amongst their neighbours, and are held to be inferior to our brethren in Turkey, India, and in various parts of Europe.
" The English have established a public school, which for two or three years was attended by several Jewish youths ; but they made no progress and were withdrawn, the instruction being given through the medium of Hindustani, which language our boys did not understand.
" If you would form a school in our town, you might confer a very great benefit, and the Jewish children would then be placed in a considerably better position. Some amongst us would join you in supporting a local school. Should you establish such a school, it would be necessary to send an English teacher conversant with Hebrew or Arabic. Four teachers would be required to give instruction in the Torah and other Jewish subjects, and an additional teacher for Arabic subjects. This staff of five teachers could be found in our town.
" Girls are not likely to attend an educational institution. If you could overcome their repugnance to the pursuit of study it would certainly redound to your credit."
The writer in conclusion complains bitterly of the barbarous conduct of the black Arabs, who appear to have no settled home, and insult the Jews 011 every possible occasion.
Inquiries were sent to Aden to ascertain what amount in proportion to the annual expenses the Jewish residents would furnish. No answer has yet been received.
Several letters have been received from Sanaa in Yemen, describing the unfortunate condition of the Jewish inhabitants. Extracts from the following letter afford an insight into the condition of the Jews in the capital of Southern Arabia.
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