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Manamohini : Novel
Mr. Abraham Daniel, K.
Translation of Blessings said in the Evening')
of the Sabbath, and Praise after the I Messrs. Shaloam Moses
monthly appearance of the Moon, from / and Benjamin Samson.
A Collection of English Words with')
Marathi Translation Arithmetical Tables A Book of Amusement (Part I.) History of the Israelites Ditto
The Beni Israel of Bombay .
. | Mr. Benjamin Samson.
Mr. Aakon Samson. . Mr. Daniel Solomon. . HanildakHaeemJoseph. . Mr. Simeon Benjamin.
Abraham Daniel,
Secretary Beni Israel Benevolent Society.
Additional Remarks by Mr. Haeem .Samuel, of Poona.
The name Beni Israel has been adopted (as we are led to believe from traditional accounts and from facts) by our ancestors, during the time the Mohamedan power prevailed in India, and Islamism was being propagated by the sword. The hatred which the Mohamedans bear towards the name " Yehoodi," as may be seen from the Koran, is in itself a ground to believe that our ancestors for fear of being compelled to renounce their religion, or of losing their lives and property, thought fit to adopt the name less hated by the followers of Mohamed, viz., Beni Israel (Children of Israel) which served both objects, viz., the retention of their ancient name and faith, and the preservation of their lives and property. One fact may here be prominently brought forward in corroboration of the above statement.
During the reign of Tippoo and the prosperity of the East India Company, that is, about the time of the taking of Seringapatam in 1799, several of our community who had enlisted in the 2nd battalion, 1st or 5th Regiment, of the Company, were taken captives by Tippoo's army, and would have' been put to the sword had they declared themselves " Yehoodim." They were released in consequence of Tippoo's mother having begged of her son to spare the lives of the Beni Israel, so much talked of in the Koran, and whom she had never had the opportunity of seeing in India. In course of time their descendants made it a point to deny that they were " Ychoodim," and felt insulted if any one called them by
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