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9. Who translated the Hebrew Prayer Book into the Marathi languageP
The Sephardim Daily Prayer Book has been translated by Mr. Shaloam Samuel, and another by Mr. Joseph Ezekiel.
10. Has there ever been an author, descendant of the Beni Israel, who wrote either on the subject of his religion, or on any secular subject ? If so, state name of author and work ?
Besides the historical and descriptive works mentioned in the 8th answer, there are several secular books which, though characterized by no very superior literary merits, are not without some importance and usefulness. We include in the above-mentioned list names of the books and their authors.
11. Have they had any celebrated men among them who occupied an important position in society ?
The following rose to the highest rank to which natives are eligible in the Indian army, while there were others who held other high regimental appointmentsSubedar Abraham Davis, and Subedar Major Moses Ballajee, who held the highest staff appointments ever conferred on native officers. Mr. Samuel Ezekiel, who built the oldest of our existing Synagogues, had, besides his commendable services in the British Army, distinguished himself by his uncommon social and moral force of character. There were also others in Alibaug, Rew-danda, and Ashtamee, who enjoy much favour and honour from the native Governments, but it cannot be said that they held important positions in the real sense of the term.
12. How many congregations have they in Bombay, how many elsewhere ?
Three congregations in Bombay, and one each in Alibaug, Ambapoor, Pen, Bewdanda, Borlai, Panwell, and Poona.
13. Have they salaried ministers, and what are the functions of their ministers ?
We have salaried ministers, who read the prayers (Sephardim ritual) and Scriptures, perform the rites of circumcision, marriages, funerals, and the work of shochets.
14. Have they the same prayers and blessings on occasions of circumcision, marriage, and funeral, as are adopted by the other Jews, and are those prayers contained in the ordinary Prayer Book?
We have the same prayers (Sephardim) as are in use by the other Jews. We beg to send you a copy of bNiKT rms>n "iSD, a manual treating of the special services, such as those relating to births, marriages, funerals, &c.
15. Are there instances of inter-marriage between the Beni Israel and the Jews in India ?
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