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despatch of 24th May last, relative to the state of the Jewish quarter at Mogador, I have the honour to transmit copies of a despatch and inclosures I have received from Mr. Drummond Hay, repeating that considerable improvement had taken place in the scavenging of the town, but that the extra sum of £40 is required annually to keep the Jews' quarter in proper order. The Rabbi of Mogador expresses a hope that the Jewish Association in London will contribute this sum, which the Rabbi is unable to levy on account of the poverty of the Jewish population.
Mr. Drummond Hay has brought under the notice of the Governor of Mogador, as he has been directed, the crowded state of the Mellah or Jewish quarter, and that functionary 1ms promised to bring under the favourable consideration of the Sultan, the petition which the elders of the Jewish community may address him on the subject, but no step has yet been taken by the Jewish elders, as E'er Majesty's Consul has very properly insisted that, before he gives his aid and support in furthering this object, permanent regulations must be effected for maintaining order and cleanliness in the Mellah.
Should your Lordship think proper to communicate the copies of Mr, Drummond Hay's despatches and enclosures to the Jewish Association, I have no doubt that they will take into their favourable consideration the application of their brethren for the pecuniary assistance required for effecting the permanent scavenging of the Mellah of Mogador. Should this money be placed to a certain degree under the control of Her Majesty's Consul at Mogador, it might aid in checking hereafter abuses or irregularities by the misappropriation of the funds.
I have, &c., &c.,
(Signed) J. H. Dkummond Hay.
The Bight Hon. the Earl of Derby,
&c,, &c.
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