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Foreign Office, August 6th, 1875.
With reference to your letter of the 7th of June last, I am directed by the Earl of Derby to inform you that a report has been received from the British Vice-Consul at Laraiche, dated the 10th ult., stating that the widow of the murdered Jew, Mesad Sebag, had accepted a compensation from the Governor of Laraiche of 1,550 francs, and that the Arab who was accused of having murdered another Jew near Arzila, had been imprisoned at Laraiche.
In a despatch dated the 15th ult., Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier reports that, in consequence of his unofficial and friendly counsels, the Sultan has sent a large body of troops to the provinces of Laraiche and Tangier, to bring under subjection the wild tribes dwelling in the hilly districts, who, Sir J. D. Hay states, are the chief perpetrators of these crimes, and who within the last year have murdered upwards of fifty Mahomedans as well as two Jews. The commander of the expedition has already inflicted heavy penalties upon the tribe .of Beni Gorfet, near Laraiche, and has arrested a number of cattle lifters who perpetrated crimes of every kind. Sir J. Hay adds that before the summer is over, he hopes the campaign will be brought to a successful termination, and that greater security of life and property will then be ensured to the Jewish and Mahomedan population of that province.
I am, &c., &c.,
(Signed) Tentekden.
The Secretary to the Anglo-Jewish Association, &c., &c.
On receiving this communication a letter of thanks was addressed from this Association to Her Majesty's Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
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