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tensions entertained by the Association regarding the insecurity of the Jews in Persia.
The question of forming Schools in Persia was the subject of frequent deliberations, and of an extensive correspondence. The attempt to establish a School at Teheran had to be deferred, owing to the disproportionately heavy expenditure that would have to be incurred ; but the idea of aiding, as far as practicable, the diffusion of secular education among the Jews in Persia continues to engage the attention of the Council.
On reference to the Fourth Annual Report,* it will be observed that in the course of last year the Association was engaged in a correspondence with Her Majesty's Government upon the occurrence of murderous crimes and other outrages, of which in many instances the victims were members of the Jewish community. As the ordinary legal remedies are withheld from the Jews, they felt the necessity of bringing their complaints under the notice of their European co-religionists, in order to secure for themselves the necessary protection of life and property. Representations in connection with the grievances of Moorish Jews having been made by the Association to Her Majesty's Government, the following reply was received:—
* Pages 28 to 34.
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