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Tlie Council have, however, reason to believe that the excellent intentions then expressed by His Majesty have as yet been totally disregarded. Knowing that, co-ordinately, various measures must be adopted to elevate the Persian Jews, the Council of the Association, jointly with the Alliance Israelite of Paris, have devised a plan for promoting among the Persian Jews the establishment of secular schools; and in order to make a commencement, it is proposed that a secular school shall as soon as practicable be opened at Teheran. It is, however, absolutely necessary that the Persian Government shall, simultaneously with any scheme for the amelioration of the condition of the Jews in Persia, relax the pressure of the existing barbarous laws and customs. I, therefore, venture on behalf of the Council to urge that your Lordship may be pleased to issue such instructions to Her Majesty's Representative at the Court of Teheran as will again bring prominently before the Persian Government the solemn pledges given by II.M. the Shah, for the amelioration of the condition of his Jewish as well as his other non-Mahomedan subjects. Experience has sufficiently shown that under similar circumstances, a most beneficial influence has been exerted by representations emanating from the department under your Lordship's distinguished direction.
I trust, therefore, that similar action may again be taken by the Foreign Office, in favour of the thousands of unfortunate persons on whose behalf I have taken the liberty to address your Lordship.
I have the honour to be your Lordship's
Most obedient and humble servant, (Signed) Henry de Worms,
Pres. Anglo-Jewish Association. (Countersigned) A. Lowy, Secretary.
To the Eight Hon. the Earl of Derby,
H.M.'s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, &c., &c., &c.
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