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The purport of their application was:—
1. That through the good offices of the Anglo-Jewish Association the life of a non-Mahomedan should be protected like the life of a Mahomedan, whereas at present a compensation of 30 tomans (not much more than £12) is the maximum amount wherewith the murderer of a Jew can purchase immunity from punishment.
2. That the testimony of an Israelite should have the same validity as that of a Mahomedan, and that there should be no distinction whatever in the Courts of Justice between the cases or the evidence of a Mahomedan and a non-Mahomedan.
3. That a person accredited by the Anglo-Jewish Association should visit Teheran and secure for the Israelites in Persia a permanent relief from the disabilities under which they labour and by which their very lives are jeopardized.
4. Whereas since the famine in Persia the circumstances of the Jews have considerably deteriorated, and poverty has increased, the petitioners requested that their local schools should be supported by special grants with the view of providing for the religious future of their children.
Entering on some further details they requested that the Anglo-Jewish Association should obtain for them letters of protection (they termed such letters British Passports) so that they might safely return to Teheran,
A Subcommittee, consisting of the President, Sir Barrow H. Ellis, Messrs. F. D. Mocatta, A. D, SaSsoon,
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