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Bachshi ben Simon, Ismail ben Suleiman, and Fettou-lah ben Eliah, who declared that they had come to London for the purpose of submitting certain grievances to the Council of the Association, to whom they were referred by the Committee of the Alliance at Berlin.
After informing the Association that the Jews in Persia had not yet derived any benefit from the privileges which ELM. the Shah during his visit to Europe had promised to confer on his non-Mahomedan subjects, the Persian applicants made the following statement:—•
A Jew who owed a Mahomedan two tomans (nearly £1), was required by the creditor to pay the debt forthwith, and as he was not able to comply with his demand the Mahomedan killed him on the spot. The Jewish Community of Teheran thereupon memorialised the Shah to punish this murder. The memorial passed on to one of the ministers, and from him it was referred to the Court of the Mahomedan clergy; but as the testimony of a Jew is not accepted in Mahomedan Courts, and as no Mahomedan is willing to bear testimony against his fellow-believer, the grievance remained unredressed, and during a whole month (it was in the month of Nisan, 5634) the dead body remained unburied.
The three petitioners stated that they were members of the Board of seven wardens of Teheran, and that they started to seek redress in Europe, and make an especial appeal to the Alliance and the Anglo-Jewish Association.
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