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culty of finding a competent teacher does not yet seem to have been overcome. Since November, a teacher has been engaged, at a moderate salary, to give daily instruction in English, but his appointment appears to be only provisional.
Upon various occasions, it had been publicly suggested 011 behalf of this Association that efforts should be made with the object of causing Jewish orphans in Jerusalem to be placed as pupils in the Jaffa Agricultural School. Proposals to the same effect were communicated to correspondents on the Continent who have much influence in the Holy Land. It is therefore gratifying to advert to the fact reported by the Alliance Israelite, that four orphans connected with the Holy City were in the course of the year placed at that useful institution.
Among the donations received for various purposes were £20 contributed by the Manchester Branch for the benefit of the Jaffa Agricultural School.
At the July meeting of the Council a petition was received from three Jewish natives of Teheran, named
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