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from M. Sidi, President of the Local Committee of tlie Alliance Israelite at Smyrna, stating that a society-had been formed there, for the purpose of establishing a public library, combined with an archaeological museum; and as this institution was open to all denominations, he requested that some assistance should be afforded to the newly-formed library. In complying with this request, the Council voted £10 for the purchase of Jewish works, taking into consideration that the possession of a public library, including Jewish works, would be of advantage to the Jewish inhabitants of Smyrna; and moreover that the existence of such an institution afforded a good opportunity for fostering mutual goodwill in a city which had often been the scene of acts of intolerance.
A correspondence had for some time been carried on between the Alliance Israelite and the Association on the subject of engaging a teacher of the English language at the Jewish School of Bagdad, a proposal in which the Council fully concurred, in consideration of the commercial importance of Bagdad, and especially on account of the constant communications between the Jewish inhabitants of that city and the British merchants in India. A sum of £80 was accordingly placed at the disposal of the Alliance,* but the diffi
* See Fourth Annual Report, p. 22.
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