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the title of Epoca, a journal in the Judseo-Spanish language, an undertaking which was considered by trustworthy correspondents likely to be beneficial to the Jewish Community of that City; the Council therefore directed that the sum of £5 should be subscribed for a certain number of copies. A similar amount was subscribed for the Judseo-Spanish journal, the Tempo, published at Constantinople, it having been ascertained that its influence is advantageous to the Jewish Community in the Levant.
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Dr. Allatini's efforts to establish a School in Salonica have already been noticed in previous annual Reports,* and as he had received from this Association the first impulse to give his serious attention to the erection of a permanent school, the Council granted the sum of £150 towards the completion of the estimated building fund of £4,000. .
Whilst the correspondence regarding the Salonica School continued, it was suggested to the Association that a training school should be formed in one of the three principal cities of Turkey, viz., in Constantinople, Salonica, or Smyrna. As it was of great moment to have the advice of competent persons residing in the East upon a subject of such vital importance, Dr. Allatini was requested to inform the Association of
* See especially the Fourth Annual Eeport, pages 21 and 51-53.
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